Yoga CD's

Have you always liked the idea of practicing yoga at home, but never known quite where to start? Then buy a yoga CD today that allows you to be guided by an experienced and inspiring teacher. They are suitable only for those that know the practice of yoga, and are intended for a general level. Each CD is an hour long so a perfect amount of time to drop into and deepen your practice and explore. So for about the same cost of a class you can practice yoga in the comfort of your home.

Yoga Home Practice: CD 1: General Practice

Starting on the ground with positions that help open and release the body and then moving into the standing postures.

Yoga Home Practice: CD 2: Connecting to the Ground

Working with poses that are mainly on the ground to help deeply release the body and connect to gravity.

Yoga Home Practice: CD 3: Standing Postures

Starting on the ground to initially release the body then exploring the sun salutation and the warrior sequence

Relaxation CD

A guided relaxation and meditation CD with 4 parts; Long and short guided relaxations and long and short guided breathing meditations.


The CD's are £10 each plus post and packaging, or less of you buy more than 2

If you buy one CD it would be £10 (p&p add £1.50)

If you buy 2 it would be £20 (p&p add £2.00)

If you buy 3 then there will be a discount and it will be £27.00 (£9 per CD) (p&p add £3.00)

If you buy all 4 then there will be a discount and it will be £36.00 (£9 per CD) (p&p add £3.00)

Please note the discount price is only for those that buy all in one go.

To purchase CD's please email Suzy on [email protected] stating what you would like, payment is by bank transfer, cheque or cash in person.

Also for sale are 10 minute practice sheets

People often ask 'I would like to have just a 10 minute practice that I could do in the morning or when I get home from work or before bed. These are A4 laminated sheets that have photos of the yoga postures and a description of each of the poses.

Home practice sheet 1: Sun Salutation

Home practice sheet 2: General practice (poses include lying with knees bent, spinal rolls, twist, cat, dog, cobra, child's)

They are £5 each (p&p add £1.50)

To purchase a practice sheet please email Suzy on [email protected] stating what you would like, payment is by bank transfer, cheque or cash in person.

The CD's and practice sheets have been created as a support to your yoga practice and are not meant to be as a substitute to going to a regular class where a teacher can guide and help support you and offer corrections where needed.

Eye Pillows

Have you ever tried relaxing using an eye pillow?

These wonderful lavender eye pillows are perfect for relaxing after practice or for when you are lying resting. The benefits of resting with an eye pillow are as follows;

  • The wonderful smell of lavender helps to relax the nervous system, lavender is well known for its relaxatory properties.
  • The weight of the eye pillow helps to encourage a deeper relaxation.
  • The slight pressure on the eyes and the forehead quietens the frontal brain more quickly, (which is often very active and prevents deep rest/sleep).
  • Really useful if you tend to wake up at night and find it difficult to get back to sleep, can be used also when resting on the side.

They are £10 each plus £2.60 p&p (available in either dark purple or navy blue and have an outer cover that can be removed and washed when needed.)

To purchase an eye pillow, email Suzy on [email protected] stating which colour you would like, payment is by either bank transfer or cheque.

Please note returns are not accepted unless there is a problem with one of the CD's or eye pillows and an exchange or full refund will be offered.