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‘I really enjoyed the gentle pace, Suzy is a very patient and nurturing teacher, I’ll be back.’ Gavin

‘Very thoughtful teaching with lots of hands on help. It I is a joy to participate in a class. Very safe for people with joint problems and back injuries. I would highly recommend the retreat or Suzy’s weekly classes.' Bekki

‘Suzy’s teaching is fantastically clear with a gentle approach that comes from a deep space. She makes understanding of our body accessible with excellent knowledge of the body.’ Anna

‘A sincere thoughtful and experienced teacher’. Alice

'Thank you so much Suzy you are a truly wonderful being’. Vanessa

‘Suzy’s thorough knowledge of the body through her physiotherapy training allied with yoga practise is a brilliant means to healing the body…..just what I’ve been looking for’. Sonja

About the weekend retreats:

‘To experience such inspirational yoga in a place of such beauty with someone as experienced and gifted as Suzy has been a real treat, Everyone should try it!’ Hannah

‘Suzy is a complete inspiration to me. Her crisp clarity comes though every movement and word that she expresses and my body now feels delicious after the weekend’s yoga sessions’. Claire

‘Thank you for a fantastic weekend of gentle, kind teaching, healing and singing by the fire’. Julia

‘Thoroughly recommend this retreat, one of the best presents I have given myself for some time, it passed too quickly, would have loved to stay longer and I will come back for more’. Wilma

‘I did not realise how much I needed this

time for myself until I arrived. The luxurious

surroundings and facilities along with Suzy’s

expert guidance created a peaceful, healing

and nurturing environment. This enabled me

to completely let go, balance my energy,

and reconnect with myself. Gratitude and blessings.’ Tiffany

‘A lovely weekend in a very warm and nurturing environment, wish it was longer. Thank you so much for a great weekend you are truly an inspirational teacher!' Marja