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MoonBlessings Online Workshop

DATE: Tuesday April 28th 6.00 to 8.00pm

with Suzy Greenwood & Sally Belcham

Cost; Suggested donation of £20 to £10 

(depending on your financial circumstances) 

14 to 18 yr old’s suggested donation £5

5% of earnings go to a charity supporting young girls with cloth pads so they can go to school when menstruating

We’d love to invite you to our ‘MoonBlessings’ workshop, where we’ll be introducing and exploring Menstrual Cycle Awareness. Because of the ‘lockdown’ we find ourselves in, we will be meeting online. This is suitable for all women and girls, 14 and over.

We’d love you to join us to discover ways to awaken your divine feminine truth and wisdom. We believe it’s always been there, it’s just about welcoming it home again and learning how to recognise it.

We, as women, have an incredible power within us. Our menstrual cycle is our ‘wild power’, ignited at menarche (first bleed), practiced during our cycling years and coming to true empowerment post-menopause. Culturally, this has been denied. It has not been celebrated and often ignored, or even become a wound. It is, however, our secret power and compass. When we learn to connect to our cycle everyday it can become a mindful spiritual practice that guides us to awakening ourselves. Let’s make ‘our cycle’ a normal part of the conversation.

We’d like to share what we’ve learned about this ancient knowledge that is deep within us and invite you to bring your own experience and wisdom so that we can practice it for ourselves and allow healing for future generations.

During the workshop, we’ll talk about Menstrual Cycle Awareness and the 4 different qualities and aspects and also introduce you to some techniques that we have both tried and tested and can really recommend. We’ll also explore a short movement practice related to the different parts of the cycle.

‘Of all the self-care, self-awareness and self-transformative practices that I work with this really is at the heart and foundation of all’ Suzy

These teachings have been shared by Alexandra Pope and Sjane Hugo-Wurlitzer of ‘The Red School’ and also thorough our own individual journey’s and insights.

To book a place please email Suzy [email protected]

 or call Suzy on 07939580743 or Sally 07979 801405


With Suzy Greenwood (nee Daw); Physiotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Health & Well-being Coach, Menstruality Mentor and Sally Belcham; Craniosacral Therapist, Teacher and Menstruality Mentor

Suzy has been working in health and well-being for over 25 years and currently works in 3 clinics in East Sussex as an Integrative Physiotherapist and teaches Yoga. She also runs a Health Coaching program in the NHS alongside a GP and completed her training as a Menstruality Mentor with the Red School in 2019. Suzy has many years of experience facilitating groups, workshops, courses and retreats. She is passionate about supporting others in their life health and well-being journey.

Sally is a craniosacral therapist. She runs her own practice and is also part of the teaching team at the Karuna Institute. Along with her cranial work, she also practices the prenatal and birth process therapy of Ray Castellino. This year Sally completed her training as a Menstruality Mentor with the Red School and excited to share these wonderful teachings. She is keen to support each person she works with to find and live their true potential.