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Let us fall in love again....

Let us fall in love again

and scatter gold dust all over the world.

Let us become a new spring

and feel the breeze drift in the heavens’ scent.

Let us dress the earth in green,

and like the sap of a young tree

let the grace from within sustain us.

Let us carve gems out of our stony hearts

and let them light our path to Love.

and we are blessed by its light.

The glance of Love is crystal clear

Raw Chocolate Recipe

Another inspiring practise that I very much enjoy is making my own chocolate..... I gave up refined sugar a few years ago, as I was finding that the 'highs and lows' of blood sugars was not supporting my well being. Since giving it up I have found that I am more emotionally balanced, have more consistent energy throughout the day and the part of the mind that always desires something is much quieter, as the 'sugar cravings' have dropped away.

So having a very sweet tooth I have become much more creative with making my own chocolates, cakes etc without sugar.

Raw cocoa is very high in magnesium which helps to decrease tension in is therefore a perfect support to your yoga practice.....

So here is a basic recipe for raw chocolate.

50 grams of raw cocao powder

100 grams of cocao butter

2 - 4 tablespoons of agave nectar or runny honey, depending on how sweet you like it.

1 tsp vanilla essence

pinch salt

  1. Melt cocao butter on a low heat or in a ban marie.
  2. Seive cocao powder and add honey/agarve.
  3. Mix in melted butter and vanilla essence and salt.
  4. Taste...add more agave if you like it sweeter, this is then ready to pur into molds or
  5. Try divinding the chocolate and adding different things to the bowls e.g goji berry and orange oil, raisens, ground nuts.
  6. Put in fridge for at least an hour for hardening and enjoy.

There are many different websites to get ingredients from. I use Tree Harvest who seem to have a very ethical policy. Tel: 01531 650764

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