The Awakening Woman

‘A Depth-journey for women, through

Movement, Voice & Medicine Ways’

With: Eliza Kenyon: Medicine Singer,

Voice & Movement facilitator, & Yoga teacher


Suzy Greenwood(nee Daw): Yoga Teacher,

Energy Worker, & Wellbeing Coach

All women welcome, no experience necessary

When: 5 weekends throughout the year. 2019:Nov/Dec 30/1

2020:Feb 1 (1 day only, with Suzy),March 21nd/22, April 25/26 June 13th/14th

Where: East Sussex, at The beautiful ‘Sacred Earth Community Land Project’, & Horam Manor Farm

How much: £820/760/690

Payment plans to suit all budgets ~ see booking form

Deposit £150 – non-refundable

Early bird price: £50 discount if a deposit is paid by Oct 31st

Together, at the beginning of winter, we’ll gather. A circle of women: strong and safe, full with creative and healing potential.

Every part of each of you is absolutely welcome in this journey of awakening: the vulnerable and the strong, the wild and the gentle, the broken and the unbroken; all that you carry inside.

Suzy and Eliza, both skilled guides and loving allies, will lead you in the transformational practices of Yoga and Movement Medicine, Awakening and Restorative Voicework, Nature Connection, Ceremony, and Creative Expression.

With wisdom and care, and at your own pace, layers of tightness and restriction, of resistance and fear, will be given space to soften into the deeper truths of your heart, body and mind. From this place, the inner joy-stream that is your birthright can rise unchecked, and together we can celebrate the beauty of this life.

This is a chance to say ‘yes to life’ and ‘yes to yourself’. To take the next steps in being and becoming, unashamedly, the unique woman that you are.

Weekend 1: Earth

Arriving, welcoming our bodies, our voices and ourselves. Clarifying our intentions for the journey ahead.

Weekend 2: Moon blessings

Learning about our rhythmic selves as women, tracking and reclaiming our wild power through our menstrual and or moon cycle.

Weekend 3: Water

Awakening our fluid selves. Balancing and cleansing with the waters of life.

Weekend 4: Fire

Discerning our deeper truths. Activating our courage and inner fire.

Weekend 5: Air

Gathering our gifts. Living as empowered women, ready to inspire and be inspired.

Contact Details:

Please feel free to be in touch for more information, or if you’d like support in discerning whether this is the right time for you to take ‘The Awakening Woman’ journey.