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Mentoring/Coaching Sessions

with Suzy Greenwood
Physiotherapy, Energy Medicine, Movement Facilitation, Bodywork email: [email protected] Phone: 07939580743

Do you feel you need some support in your own life, your own yoga practice and/or with your Yoga teaching? Do you wish to feel more empowered and confident with the choices you make in your life and the way you share your yoga teaching with others? This is a unique opportunity to work in a one to one setting with an experienced Yoga practitioner, Teacher and Coach, to explore the individual challenges that may be limiting you in some way either as a person, a yoga practitioner and/or teacher. For more information contact Suzy for an informal chat.

Coaching Sessions can have a focus such as the following.

Session 1; Setting the scene

Exploring and opening up what you wish to explore either in relation to yourself, your own practice and or your teaching abilities, working with coaching models for best outcome.

This may be part discussion part practical 

Session 2; Diving in

Deepening the enquiry from the first session, fine tuning your individual goals, practical and or discussion based

Session 3; The adventure

Enquiry into problem solving limiting factors/beliefs in your own life around your practice/teaching abilities. Journey into a new more confident you. Sessions may be practical and/or discussion based

Session 4: New beginnings

Further discussion, enquiry, solution focused framework, practical sessions and/or discussion where appropriate and where the needs are.

Session 5; Finding the ground

Harvesting what has been learnt and continuing any threads. Exploring new ways of being. Becoming your empowered self.

Session 6;

Looking at learning edges, planning for the future, consolidating new ideas/feelings/insights. Being your empowered self

  • Sessions are either face to face at my clinics in Hove, Halland or Herstmonceaux.
  • One or two sessions could be via skype if needed
  • 6 x 1 hour sessions; Cost £325/350
  • Commitment is for all 6 sessions. Sessions may be either weekly or bi monthly or longer depending on the learning and enquiry needed
  • The format of the sessions can be flexible depending on each individuals needs.

Transformational Life Coaching

'Your life does not get better by chance it gets better by change' Jim Rohn

Are you happy with your life? Is there something in your life that you are wishing to change or explore? Do you have a problem or issue that you find really difficult to work with, or a pattern that you keep falling into that feels old and outdated?

Many people are choosing to work with a life coach who can help support them explore any issues in their lives that they may feel is limiting them in some way. A life coaching session is a solution focused, collaborative conversation between the coach and the coachee. The session focuses on the present issue and how to moves forwards, rather than looking at problems from the past, which other therapeutic relationships such as counselling or psychotherapy offers.

The coach's aim is to create a safe, non-judgmental, empathetic space, holding the client in 'the highest positive regard'. Their role is to act in a non-advisory way, only offering insights, reflections, therapeutic models of change, when given permission by the coachee. Together the journey is about creating positive change, exploring any blocks as resistance to change happening.

With this support people are able to move forwards in their lives, creating personal and or professional goals to enable them to live the life they really wish to be living.

'Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?' Mary Oliver

I offer 'person-centred' life coaching sessions, which translates as supporting another to find the answers within themselves by gentle questioning, whilst offering, with permission any insights that may arise or therapeutic models that could be supportive to the coachee.

I bring over 20 years of personal development, self inquiry including meditation, mindfulness practice, yoga training, healing and working in health and well-being to the sessions.


'Suzy is easy to talk to and an excellent listener leaving space to really explore oneself without feeling threatened. She is insightful and able to pick up on the finer detail which I often missed whilst ruminating on the way forward. She is playful and light but equally capable of holding you whilst dealing with difficult thoughts and feelings'

' Suzy is warm and friendly yet professional and boundaried, she uses useful exercises to help order my thoughts and offered sound insights when I was struggling. Her experience in working with the body helped me to connect my thoughts to feelings which empowered me to take action'

''I would recommend Suzy, she has a lovely manner about her and I felt free to express myself without the fear of judgment'

'I would heartily recommend Suzy as a coach, who has helped me in many different ways to look at issues in an 'adult way' in an 'adult space'.'


I offer one to one coaching sessions mostly via skype but also some face to face appointments too in Brighton and Herstmonceaux. It is usual to book a series of sessions to enable the process to create change.

Sessions are £55 for an hour, payment is by BACS, cash or cheque

If you are unable to make a session then please give 24 hours notice as full payment will be required unless under extenuating circumstances.