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'Yoga continually transforms my life into an ever unfolding, inspiring, creative and transformative journey, awakening my body mind and spirit in the light and the darkness'

Suzy has been practising yoga since 1992, and teaching since 2000. Initially she studied Iyengar, Sivananda and then discovered yoga inspired by Vanda Scaravelli. She has been training with her current teacher Diane Long for over 15 years who was Vanda main student.

Vanda discovered that when we work with certain principles in our yoga practise there is freedom of the body, mind and soul. She believed that when we connect to gravity and allow tension to be released, the spine becomes alive, and as the breath exhales and moves upwards it creates a wave like motion within the spine and surrounding tissues. This leads to a sense or wholeness and lightness within

When we practise yoga mindfully we start to feel and sense where we hold on, create tension and also where we are weak and avoid moving in areas of the body. If we stay present in our practise we can make wonderful deep discoveries, releasing held patterns of tension from the physical and emotional bodies. This allows the body's own intelligence to awaken.

'I wish to inspire and support each individual in helping them to find their own unique place in this world. By helping to show others a way of awakening the body and mind then their own soul can express itself truthfully and fully' - Suzy

Suzy's original and inspiring teaching comes not only from her dedication to the spirit of yoga as a practice and way of life, but also to her grounded knowledge of the body, having trained as a Chartered Physiotherapist.

Suzy works in Brighton, Herstmonceaux and Halland teaching Yoga and working as an Integrative Physiotherapist. For more information go to 

Integrative Physiotherapy is a unique way of supporting and empowering people through treatment, body work, Yoga teachings, Cranio-Sacral therapy, Pilates, Healing and Life Coaching.

Suzy also is a lecturer for Jing Institue of Advanced Massage, teaching Orthopaedic Assessment, Rehabilitaion skills, and Physiotherapy techniques for the massage therapist

As a Physiotherapist, Suzy has extensive and varied experience working with all ages and abilities, having worked in adult and children’s hospitals and complimentary health centres.

She has a deep passion and respect for the natural world, particularly connecting to plants and trees. She also loves dances and has a nourishing yoga and meditation practise.

She is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP), the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and the Alliance of Independent Yoga Pracitoners (AIYP).

For more information call Suzy on 07939 580743

For more information about Physiotherapy and other treatments go to my Physiotherapy website